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Welcome to the Cannabis Golf Club

The best business deals happen on the golf course. In this golf club you can access legal cannabis money opportunities plus more.

Cannabis Golf Monkey
Cannabis Golf Monkey
Cannabis Golf Monkey

Connecting African Cannabis

Cannabis Golf Club (CGC) is a private members cannabis club focused on connecting the African cannabis economy. Our mission is to ensure no one is left behind as cannabis becomes a mainstream industry across the African continent.

We believe that cannabis has the potential to change the narrative of the African story but not without the people being part of the story. As a member of CGC you play a major role in shaping the future of Africa's cannabis economy. Our vision is to ensure Africa not only becomes a net exporter of raw flower but also a global leader of medicinal and lifestyle cannabis products.

Through CGC members can access legal cannabis business opportunities providing much needed finance to the underbanked cannabis market. As a collective we can lower the barrier to entry for MSME cannabis businesses and farmers, in turn raising their earning capacity across the cannabis value chain.


When you become a CGC member you become part of the African cannabis story and get access to a bud load of extra perks.


A private members club giving access to member only benefits and opportunities.

Real World Impact

CGC is supporting medicinal Cannabis cultivation starting with South Africa.


Share ideas, submit proposals and cast your vote on the communities future.

Community Treasury

Community led to support and build things that grow Africa's cannabis economy.


Earn $VNT crypto rewards for staking your Golf Monkey.


Play for fun and earn $VNT or compete to win the UCL and grand prize.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do!

We want Africa to have a proper seat at the cannabis table so we decided to do something about it. With our monkey see, monkey do attitude we created a private members cannabis club made up of a collection of 10,000 Golf Monkey Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The NFTs serve as a membership to the club giving access to legal cannabis opportunities, golf and social events, insights and trends, the ability to earn $VNT staking rewards and compete in the play-to-earn Ultimate Cannabis League. Our NFTs live on the Ethereum’s blockchain making it possible to establish a verified and public proof of ownership, ensuring credibility for each NFT and its unchangeable nature.

Unlike other memberships, a CGC membership is a one-time purchase and because it is represented as an NFT the membership is also transferrable. This makes it possible to pass your membership down to future generations or sell it to someone else if you decide to leave the club, although we don't think you would want to leave the most impact-driven cannabis club in world!

Royalty Finance

CannaWealth Royalty Finance is an InventoryClub product giving CGC members exclusive access to finance medicial cannabis opportunities in South Africa.

Over 1.2 billion people worldwide are suffering from medical conditions for which cannabis has shown to be of therapeutic value. A Growing demand from Europe's medical cannabis market is driving the need for more capital to finance the South African cannabis industry to meet the demand. Royalty financing provides an alternative source to finance to meet the financial needs of South Africa’s medical cannabis market. Click the link below to learn about the industry, how to get involved and start earning canna-royalties.

CannaWealth Royalty Finance
Golf Club Opens

You're in! give your name to reception, bring a guest or get two. Join the Monkey Troop on Discord, check out the dispensary or the bar and hang with us. 7 Monkeys will be raffled to early members on our Discord.

Private Members Area

It's getting a little crowded in here, we need a private members lounge for Golf Monkey owners.

Support Medicinal Cannabis

CGC pledges $135k to support the licensed cultivation of medicinal cannabis in South Africa to open our first tunnel, the return of $3.5m will be paid into the community wallet.

Give Something Back

Physical & mental health is very important to CGC so we will share $100k between four reputable charities; two mental health and two chronic health selected by the community. We will also drop exclusive merch to 60 CGM holders.

Metaverse Hangout

We need somewhere to hangout, we need a clubhouse! It's time to go get some LAND in the Sandbox.

Airdrops and Giveaways

We're air dropping 2 Monkey's a day for 30 days to Golf Monkey holders as well as giving you a chance to win $1k a day in our daily raffle for 30 days.

Game Time!

Get ready for our play-to-earn game packed with community prizes and chance to compete in the Ultimate Cannabis League. Every Golf Monkey owner gets a randomly generated NFT golf caddy car. Unlocks Legal Drug Money air drop worth $3.5m.

Meet The Team

Alpha Prime
Zephirin Art
quality control
Bud Prime
data whiz
biz dev
community engagement
kzn regional lead
Beardly Budz
golf coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Ownership of a Golf Monkey gives you access to an elite private members club where you can mix with influencers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors and people changing the world for the better. As a member of this club you get access to Legal Cannabis Money opportunities. Your Golf Monkey is your digital identity in the metaverse and the real world, it's also an awesome profile pic.

It's the legal cannabis revolution happening right now. It's predicted to become a $90 billion market by 2030 driven by recreational use in the US and medicinal use in Europe. CBD infused products are popping up everywhere and large pharmaceuticals are making moves into the space. The question is, do you want in on the bag?

A controlled greenhouse environment for growing medicinal cannabis. The tunnel is a hermetically sealed to ensure no contamination of the cannabis. No air can get into the tunnel without going through the filtration and cooling systems managed by technology.

The metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, e-commerce, augmented reality and cryptocurrencies to allow avatars to act and interact virtually.

Yes, every trait of the Golf Monkey was 100% handcrafted from scratch. Everything was illustrated in-house.

No, it's a surprise. All Golf Monkey's are minted at random from the smart contract at the time of purchase so you don't know which one you're going to get until after purchase. Once on the secondary market you can pick what Golf Monkey to purchase.

Golf Monkey's will be available to purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time a randomly minted Golf Monkey will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and Opensea account.

Both monkeys and apes are primates but they are not the same, monkeys have tails and apes don't. Monkeys are smaller than apes. Aside from spider monkeys, most monkeys run across branches instead of swinging like apes do.

The royalty fee is fixed at 6% to fund Golf Club projects. We are on a mission to build a community that spans generations and is strengthened by real world and metaverse experiences. Golf Club is all about bringing people together to do great things and have fun while doing it.

It's a competition that runs annually from 1st January to 31st December where Golf Monkey's compete in our metaverse game for the Ultimate Cannabis League (UCL) title, rewards and cash prizes.